truly intuitive program, easy to use with nice settings .... sounds and goes to great !!!! 10 years since I use it !!! I highly recommend hi

Bill Cornwell

It's a fabulous program, complete and easy to use


hello, is definitely the best program I used, is intuitive and therefore easy to use, compliments Karaoke5 !!!


The best there is on the market, I use it for years and I never made a bad impression, simple, easy, and a great synchronizer, recommend it to everyone

John Shoop

During the evenings it is always my partner, no one else. For years now I use it and sincerely use the vers, 39.6 that for me it works great even for the graphical interface done well. THE OTHERS ??? question also of subjective taste. Anyway so far it is perfect. Do not use other. thanks and greetings to the staff.


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karaoke 5

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