K5 use for about 10 years,, amateur and would not trade it for any sw, I have tried others but this is and will remain the number 1.


Excellent program - complete
also it works with a lot of youtube mp4 format used.

Jack Hannam

It's a fabulous program with various devices with a warm greeting


Excellent program, comprehensive and easy to us

Aniello Apicella

Excellent program, very functional and complete. I use it for years


Really a great program for Karaoke and complete

John Smith

After trying: Winlive, vanBasco and Kanto karaoke, I can say that Karaoke 5 is unrivaled.


perfect program! Any problem is solved by the team in less than 24 hours ...

Mickey Brown

"The best freeware"
I've just downloaded karaoke5 and I'm very impressed.

michael jackson

"beautiful software to make karaoke"

the best.:)


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